Our Story

Catering to those who seek a balance between functionality and timeless aesthetics, Casa di Lei endeavours to bring a touch of sophistication, comfort and understated luxury to every home, emphasising versatility and quality in its range of products.

Our Philosophy

The Casa di Lei collection was created to mirror the majesty of natural textures and seamlessly integrate them into opulent designs. Visually appealing landscapes, soothing textures and tranquillity of nature contribute to a sense of well-being and contentment. We believe that the beauty of these natural elements should become a foundation of the home while embodying these elements into an unmistakable sense of sophistication and paired-back luxury.

Our Collections

Our collections are artfully curated for discerning tastes seeking to bring the enchantment of natural elements indoors without compromising the boldness and allure of luxury and serene comfort in every detail. From plush cashmere throws to handwoven linen, rattan furniture and elegantly crafted stone accents, each piece reflects a harmonious blend of nature’s finest textures and refined indulgence. Casa di Lei aims to create spaces that reflect individuality, comfort and a sense of belonging for every modern sanctuary.

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About Marta

Interior architect, furniture designer and home stylist Marta Leitane is the founder and principal designer of the Casa di Lei brand.

Marta’s discrete nature and ability to embrace diverse cultures have given the multi-language speaking designer access to exclusive opportunities to deliver designed homes in the most prestigious postcodes in the UK and overseas.

Over the years, she has built trusted relationships with the finest suppliers, furniture manufacturers and antiques & art dealers in the UK, Italy and various locations worldwide, enabling her to extend her passion for homemaking to a distinctive homewares brand.

She is known for her intrinsic respect for architectural framework and for achieving spaces with extraordinary, captivating character, focusing on each client's individual lifestyle requirements.

Her curated interiors and homeware collections resemble strong and modern cultural influences set on a neutral backdrop, bringing attention to quality materials, textures, scale of the objects and contemporary art - a trademark of her style.